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Spectrum Mobile Review: 7 Things to Know Before You Sign Up

Kyle Reyes
May 10, 2023

Spectrum Mobile is a great cell phone plan provider with one big catch: it’s only available to Spectrum Internet customers. If you don’t have Spectrum Internet you are, unfortunately, locked out of their cell phone service, but you should check to see if there is Spectrum Internet in your area. Spectrum Mobile is an MVNO that runs on Verizon’s towers, providing its users with excellent high-speed coverage nationwide. The company started as a cable and internet provider. Their mobile branch is new, only starting in 2018. That allows them to take their notes from the best. 

Before you decide whether to pick Spectrum Mobile, check out our guide on how to choose the best phone plan that works for you!

Spectrum Mobile only has a few plans, but their mobile + internet bundle stands on its own as a stellar deal. As long as you are a Spectrum internet customer, you can save big on your mobile plan each month. Our Spectrum Mobile review will cover seven things you need to know before you sign up.

Table of Contents:

  • Plans and Pricing
  • Services and Features
  • Spectrum Mobile Versus Competition
  • Phone Options
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Reviews
  • Spectrum Mobile Review Summary 

Spectrum Mobile Review: An Affordable, but Exclusive, MVNO Running on Verizon’s Network

Spectrum Mobile is best known for its phone and internet bundle. For one year, you receive a fantastic deal on fast internet and unlimited data for only $50 per month. After that it turns to $85 a month, which is not a glorious deal but, all things considered, that’s still a great deal. Deciding which MVNO is the best is a challenging proposition, but Spectrum’s Internet bundle separates them from the crowd. 

Here’s a little information about Spectrum Mobile! 

  • What sets spectrum mobile apart? With so many MVNOs, it is important to know what sets Spectrum Mobile apart when you are thinking of switching wireless providers. Their $50 internet bundle sets them apart from the competition. 
  • What’s the price of spectrum mobile plans? Spectrum Mobile has three major plans. They have a pay-by-the-gig plan, an unlimited plan, and an unlimited plus plan. In terms of value, Spectrum Mobile’s unlimited plan is the best choice and provides customers with 20 GB of high-speed data for only $45 a month. 
  • What kinds of plans does Spectrum Mobile offer? There are two kinds of plans offered at Spectrum Mobile. They have two unlimited plans ($45 and $55 for single-line plans) and a pay-as-you-go plan that is $14 a gig. All of their plans have unlimited talk and text, and the unlimited plans offer 20 GB and 30 GB of high-speed data, respectively before they get deprioritized. 
  • What network does Spectrum Mobile use? Spectrum Mobile runs on Verizon’s network. Verizon’s 4G LTE network, and, by extension, Spectrum Mobile’s network, covers almost all of the continental United States. Meaning you’ll get great coverage no matter where you are. The big limiter is areas where spectrum internet is available
  • Can you bring your own cell phone? Yes! If you have a phone that works for you, you can bring your own device to Spectrum Mobile. To bring your device onto Spectrum’s network, you have to check your device’s compatibility, make sure your device is “unlocked,” and order a Spectrum Mobile SIM card!
  • Does Spectrum Mobile have any stores? Yes! There are 38 stores across the country where you can get assistance, shop new products, upgrade, make payments, and pick-up equipment.

1. Spectrum Mobile Plans and Pricing

Spectrum Mobile offers three plans, each with its own benefits and downsides. The three Spectrum Mobile phone plans are as follows: 

  • $14 per GB for Spectrum Mobile’s by the gig plan
  • $45 per month ($30 with 2+ lines) with Spectrum Unlimited
  • $55 per month ($40 with 2+ lines) with Spectrum Unlimited Plus

Spectrum Mobile’s by-the-gig plan does not hold up to the competition. The flexibility is nice, but each GB is too expensive for us to recommend. It is so easy to use data these days. If you use 4 GB on the by-the-gig plan, it costs you $56 that month. That’s more than the whole bundle! 

Regarding their two unlimited plans, we recommend their Unlimited Plus plan to receive 10 additional GB of data each month. Even though their plan is “unlimited,” it only comes with 30 GB of high-speed data. Unfortunately, there’s no cost-effective way to use a lot of data on Spectrum Mobile. If you find yourself using over 30 GB of mobile data each month, you will get relegated to 3G speeds after hitting your data cap, and that is very slow data. Their unlimited plans are well priced with the competition, and since you must already have Spectrum Internet if you are interested in Spectrum Mobile, the bundle is always your best bet. 

Spectrum Mobile users enjoy speedy service all over the country due to Verizon’s fantastic network. 

2. Spectrum Mobile Services and Features

Understanding the services and features at Spectrum Mobile is an excellent way to help you decide whether it is the carrier for you. It is easier with this particular carrier because you must also have Spectrum Internet to become a Spectrum Mobile user. The features of a Spectrum Mobile phone plan include unlimited talk and text, favorable trade-in offers, excellent customer support, and 5G access on compatible devices. While we are discussing Spectrum Mobile, let’s look at Spectrum Internet’s services and features

Spectrum Internet Services and Features

No Spectrum Mobile review is complete without a look at Spectrum Internet. Spectrum Internet is a smaller provider that competes with the titanic providers of Xfinity and Verizon. It offers solid download speeds and competitive prices compared to the competition, and while their speeds may not be as reliable as Verizon’s or Xfinity’s, they are well known for their deals and bundles. 

Bundling your internet and mobile plans will always net you savings, but the big difference between Spectrum and, say, Verizon is that the prices are lower overall due to Verizon’s expensive cell phone plans. Spectrum Internet’s bundle comes with 300 Mbps, which is perfect for mid-sized households who want to complete multiple bandwidth-heavy activities like streaming and gaming. 

3. Spectrum Mobile Versus Competition

There are loads of MVNOs on the market, and zoning in on the one you like the most is a difficult yet essential part of the process. Since Spectrum Mobile is only available with Spectrum Internet, we will focus on their bundle deal rather than individual plans. For the purposes of this, we will work with the average WiFi cost in the United States, which is $64 a month. That makes the bundle cost less than the average WiFi cost, but many WiFi plans offer more Mbps than 300, which is what Spectrum offers. In terms of WiFi usage, 300 is usually more than enough. Being generous, each member in your household needs 50 Mbps to use their devices speedily. Let’s take a look at how Spectrum Mobile holds up to the competition. 

Spectrum Mobile vs. Verizon

Spectrum Mobile uses Verizon’s network, providing the same excellent coverage nationwide. As a major provider, Verizon customers enjoy fast service with no chance of deprioritization in times of high-data usage in the area. If you are with Spectrum Mobile, and really any MVNO, you run the risk of data deprioritization whenever there is high usage. As networks grow more and more robust, so do phones consume more data with video streaming and gaming. If you need high-speed data whenever you are out and about Verizon is a great choice, but if you are okay with the chances your data is slower than usual than an MVNO like Spectrum is a great move. 

Spectrum’s whole bundle is likely less expensive than one phone line at Verizon. One place where Verizon has Spectrum beat is their multi-line savings. The only time a Verizon cell phone plan approaches Spectrum Mobile’s pricing is if you have three or four lines on the plan. 

Spectrum Mobile vs. Visible Wireless

Visible Wireless is another MVNO that runs on Verizon’s network, and they have unlimited plans at a lower price point than Spectrum’s. The mobile and internet bundle as a part of Spectrum Mobile is a great deal, but it locks you down at a 30 GB data cap each month. Visible Wirelesses’ greatest strength is that their unlimited plan is unlimited high-speed data. If you are someone who uses more than 30 GB of data each month then Visible Wireless is a better choice. 

Spectrum Mobile vs. Google Fi

Google Fi uses T-Mobile and US Cellular towers, and they provide well-priced plans. Google Fi is a good competitor, but T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network is not as far-reaching and robust as Verizon’s. Customers may experience data throttling more often when the area’s bandwidth is under high strain. In terms of network stability and plan pricing, Spectrum Mobile has Google Fi beat. 

While their store leaves something to be desired, Spectrum Mobile is compatible with almost all phones on the market. When you bring your own phone, you can rest easy knowing that your phone fits on their network.

4. Spectrum Mobile Phone Options

You can bring your own phone to Spectrum Mobile, but if you are looking to purchase one new, they have a huge selection of phones for upgrades. When you are switching to Spectrum Mobile, you can choose from one of these cell phone options from Apple, Samsung, Google, and more. They do not have as many phones in their store as a major wireless provider, but you can purchase an unlocked phone straight from a manufacturer or in a variety of tech stores in the States.  

5. Spectrum Mobile Customer Service

Spectrum Mobile offers customer service 24/7, helping customers solve problems quickly and with little fuss. To speak with an agent, call 833-224-6603. They are also available through their social media accounts, but we recommend using the live chat or calling the provided number. 

6. Spectrum Mobile Customer Reviews

Let’s see what customers have to say about Spectrum Mobile’s Service. 

From Money Saving Pro: 1.5 Stars out of 5

“I've had spectrum mobile since they started. I asked to lower my bill to the 29.99 offer they are showing in commercials and they can't do that. I've been paying 55. But now customers are getting 29.99 for unlimited everything. But I'm still paying 55. I will go elsewhere. Plenty of other mobile services I can get under 55 monthly.” from Maria. 

“Today we went to the Inverness, Florida Spectrum store to change our mobile service to Spectrum and purchase a phone. This was a process we dreaded but walked out of the store happy with smiles on our faces. We worked with Bruce who was terrific! He was knowledgeable, patient, kind, honest and fun to interact with. He was meticulous in making sure everything was switched over correctly, giving us the best deal and making sure we were completely satisfied. He gets an A+ from us. Bruce is a valuable asset to the company and the store! Great customer service!” from Ken.

From Trustpilot: 1.2 Stars out of 5

“Worst customer service ever. No one at the stores wants to assist existing customers with anything. They actually told me that. When I contacted customer service through chat, they messed up my order. 2 weeks later, and I'm still waiting on my new phone. I'm happy with my service but I just pray that I don't need any assistance in the future because their customer service reps are the absolute worst.” From Mariska. 

“Spectrum has great prices and provides quality service. I use Spectrum Wifi often and have little to no issues while streaming or using the internet. Sign up with Spectrum today, you won't regret it. It's also a great place to work. The benefits and perks of being an employee are very good.” From Mike

The reviews are pretty poor across the board for Spectrum Mobile. The majority of negative reviews are in relation to their customer service. Due to the added intricacy of this mobile + Internet provider, negative customer service reviews bode ill for new customers. 

As long as your phone and plan are working well, the Spectrum Mobile wireless service is exceptional throughout the country. 

7. Spectrum Mobile: Review Summary

Before you switch to a new carrier, it is important to check out their pros and cons and compare them to the competition. You have to find what you like and ensure you feel good about the switch. Like any other MVNO, Spectrum Mobile has pros and cons, and we will cover what we like and don’t like about their service. 

The Good 

  • Spectrum Mobile shares Verizon’s network. Sharing Verizon’s network allows Spectrum Mobile users to access their high-speed coverage nationwide.
  • Affordability. Spectrum Mobile’s phone + Internet bundle provides immense savings on your monthly utilities.
  • Fantastic multi-line savings. Multi-line savings drop the price even further, making this a great option for roommates and families looking for an affordable deal on their wireless and Internet providers. ! 
  • Nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots. As a Spectrum Mobile customer, you can access Wi-Fi hotspots across the United States. This lets you get high-speed data without cutting into your plan’s allocation. 
  • Device trade-in offers. Spectrum Mobile keeps device trade-in offers that are very beneficial. If you are looking to purchase a new phone, switching carriers simultaneously will yield you an excellent deal on all of their phones. 

The Bad

  • Poor by-the-gig plan. $15 a GB for each GB used is far too expensive to be a worthwhile choice. We only recommend pursuing Spectrum Mobile if you are looking at their unlimited plans.
  • You have to use Spectrum Internet to qualify. Spectrum Mobile has an alluring unlimited plan, but if you don’t have Spectrum Internet you cannot become one of their customers.
  • Limited Spectrum Internet coverage. Spectrum Internet is not available in the majority of the United States, and that means it is difficult to become a Spectrum Mobile customer. If you are interested in a fantastic phone and internet bundle and you live in an area where Spectrum Internet is available, this is a great choice. 
  • Limited plan options. Their unlimited plans are great, but Spectrum Mobile is lacking in their selection of plans. With their by-the-gig plan being so expensive it puts them way behind other MVNOs that provide low-gig plans for incredible prices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the carrier for Spectrum Mobile?

Spectrum Mobile uses Verizon’s network for its phone plans. Users of this MVNO enjoy Verizon’s fantastic network coverage at an affordable price. 

Is Spectrum Mobile owned by Verizon? 

While Spectrum Mobile uses Verizon’s cell phone towers, the company itself is not affiliated with Verizon Wireless. 

Can anyone join Spectrum Mobile?

A residential or business Spectrum Internet account is required before signing up for Spectrum Mobile. If you switch from Spectrum Internet after creating your mobile account, an additional $10 per-line monthly charge is added to your account.

Kyle Reyes
Kyles Reyes is a journalist from Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in the wireless industry, phone plan comparisons & advice.
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