Red Pocket Mobile Review: Keep Your Existing Network With This MVNO

Sara Nuss
January 20, 2023

It’s important to look for the best deals whenever you’re shopping for a new cell phone plan. Between plans from big carriers, or even small carriers that can provide the same service and coverage, there is a lot to think about when shopping around. Did you know that Red Pocket Mobile can be a life changer?

Red Pocket Mobile does everything they can to keep their prices low and give you access to any network of your choice. So not only can you save money, but you can still get the same service and coverage as the previous carrier you were with.

If Red Pocket Mobile is already sounding like a good choice for you, then continue reading to learn more about this carrier, customer reviews, and why you should take it into consideration!

Red Pocket Mobile At a Glance

If you are looking for something new when it comes to an MVNO, then Red Pocket Mobile has a lot of perks and features to check out. Red Pocket Mobile offers tons of different networks to give its customers access to the service and coverage that they want. Let’s also go over what else they’re all about!

Here is a little bit more info on Red Pocket Mobile in order to get to know this MVNO some more and see if they’re the right fit!

What is Red Pocket Mobile Best Known For?

The most unique feature about Red Pocket Mobile is that if you sign up for one of their prepaid plans, you can have access to a network of your choice. For example, if you’re switching from a big cell phone carrier such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T, or even T-Mobile, then you can continue to use their coverage even with Red Pocket Mobile.

What is the Price Per Month For a Plan?

Red Pocket Mobile offers a ton of affordable prepaid cell phone plans with absolutely no credit checks or contracts. You have the choice between a monthly plan, family plan, or an annual plan. For monthly plans, you can pay anywhere from $20 to $50 per month, family plans start at $20 per line, and annual plans can range from $120 to $270 per year.

What Kinds of Plans Are Offered?

As mentioned above, there are three main prepaid cell phone plans that are offered, the monthly, family, and annual plans, but there are also business plans and data only plans as well. Whether you’re looking to purchase a cell phone plan for just yourself, get everyone in your family a line, or just something for your business, Red Pocket Mobile has it.

What Network Does Red Pocket Mobile Run On?

With a Red Pocket Mobile plan, you have the choice to pick which plan that you want, and you have three choices, GSMA, CDMA, and GSMT.

Here is a breakdown of these three networks to give you a better idea on what will work best for you:

  • GSMA. Compatible with AT&T cell phones and provides 5G network coverage even in rural areas.
  • CDMA. Verizon Wireless is compatible with this coverage that provides exceptional nationwide coverage.
  • GSMT.  T-Mobile, or old Sprint cell phones can use this coverage with lightning fast speeds anywhere around the country. 

Can You Use Your Own Cell Phone?

Yes, with Red Pocket Mobile, you can bring your own cell phone and number to your plan to help you save money. Whether you have an AT&T, Verizon Wireless, or a T-Mobile cell phone plan, they all can be transferred to a Red Pocket Mobile. You can even get the  same coverage you previously had as well. 

Red Pocket Mobile offers reliability when it comes to service and coverage, along with flexibility to make your plan unique to you. Image courtesy of Instagram.

Red Pocket Mobile: Pros & Cons

There are always pros and cons to any cell phone carrier, no matter how popular they are, which is why it’s also important to discuss them when making your final decision. Let’s go over the pros and cons to getting a Red Pocket Mobile plan to help get an idea of what they’re good at and what they could do better with. 

👍 What We Liked

  • Simple and Affordable. Their plans are easy to sign up for and extremely affordable where you can pay as little as $20 per month for a cell phone plan.
  • Choose the Network For You. A unique feature about Red Pocket Mobile is that you can choose the network that best suits the cell phone you currently have. 
  • Keep Your Cell Phone and Number. You can not only save money on one of their plans, but you can also keep your current cell phone and number to avoid purchasing a new expensive one instead. 
  • Free Calling to 70+ Countries. If you have friends or family that live outside of the United States and in a country covered by Red Pocket Mobile, you can continuously stay in contact with them.
  • No Set Up or Activation Fees. Avoid paying an outrageous amount of money on setting up your plan or activating your phone onto your new Red Pocket Mobile plan. 

👎 What We Didn’t Like

  • Customer Service Times Can Be Long. While the customer service for Red Pocket Mobile can be very helpful, the wait times can be long at times.
  • No 0% Financing Options on the Latest Cell Phones. Trying to get the newest and best cell phone is something that people look for when switching to a new carrier, but with no 0% financing options, it can be a deterrent for some. 
  • Account Dashboard Needs Work. Looking for a reliable account dashboard is essential in order  to pay your bill, look at the details of your plan, and more, but Red Pocket’s can use some work.
  • Technical Issues During Setup. Going through technical difficulties is never fun, and a lot of customers tend to experience some during the start up process.
  • Can Experience Issues in Service and Coverage. No matter what cell phone network you choose through Red Pocket Mobile, many customers experience a wide array of issues depending on the network they have.

Red Pocket Mobile Services & Features

Getting to know the services and features of any mobile phone carrier is essential before signing up for a plan. If you’re considering getting a prepaid plan through Red Pocket Mobile carrier, it’s important to see what else is in store for you as a potential customer.

Some of the services and features of a Red Pocket Mobile plan include the following:

  • 5G coverage through three networks
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data plans
  • Free international calling worldwide
  • No hidden or extra fees
  • 7-day money back guarantee if you don’t like your plan

Red Pocket Mobile Plans & Pricing

There are a ton of different plans that are offered through Red Pocket Mobile that are important to discuss. From monthly or annual plans, and even family plans, there is a lot to consider with this carrier.

Here are some of the Red Pocket Mobile plans and their prices to consider:

  • $20 per month for 3GB of high-speed data
  • $30 per month for 10GB of high-speed data
  • $40 per month for 25GB of high-speed data
  • $50 per month for 100GB of high-speed data
  • $120 per year for 500MB of talk, text, and data every thirty days
  • $180 per year for 3GB of talk, text, and data every thirty days
  • $270 per year for 10GB of talk, text, and data every thirty days
  • Family plans start at $20 per line for unlimited talk, text, and data
  • Business plans at $30 per month for unlimited talk, text, and 25GB of high-speed data
Red Pocket Mobile offers a new of the newest and latest cell phones out there for their customers to purchase. Image courtesy of CNET

Red Pocket Mobile Phone Selection 

While you can easily bring your new cell phone to a Red Pocket Mobile plan, sometimes purchasing a new cell phone can help if you’re in dire need of an upgrade. Red Pocket Mobile only offers the last few generations of iPhones, but they offer them for a fraction of the cost. If you have a Samsung, Google, or Motorola phone, you can still get a Red Pocket Mobile plan, but do not have access to purchasing the latest phones from those brands. 

Some of the cell phones that their customers can purchase include:

  • Apple iPhone 14
  • Apple iPhone SE
  • Apple iPhone 13
  • Apple iPhone 12

How Well Does Red Pocket Mobile Actually Work?

Call & Text Performance

For an MVNO, it’s important to discuss the call and text performance of Red Pocket Mobile to ensure that it is worth switching over to it. Making phone calls, sending text messages, and even doing daily activities, such as streaming videos and ] listening to music with data are essential tasks. Red Pocket Mobile offers clear cell reception, text messages delivered without fail, and fast data speeds no matter where you are. 

Data Speeds

Another important factor to discuss when it comes to the data on Red Pocket Mobile plans is to learn how fast the download and upload speeds are. Red Pocket Mobile offers 5MBPS to 120 MBPS download speeds and 3 MBPS to 22 MBPS upload speeds to all of its customers on all of their plans. 

Red Pocket Mobile vs. Competitors

A big thing to discuss when it comes to choosing a cell phone carrier is to consider the competitors. This can give you a better idea of the carrier you’re interested in  to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want from a cell phone plan.

Here are some of Red Pocket Mobile’s competitors and the comparisons between them!

Red Pocket Mobile vs. H2O Wireless

One of Red Pocket Mobile’s biggest competitors is H2O Wireless, another MVNO that helps its customers save money. While Red Pocket Mobile offers a ton of plans with unlimited data at data caps for high-speed, H2O Wireless doesn’t offer any unlimited plans and the most you can get per month is 5GBs.

Red Pocket Mobile vs. Net10 Wireless

Another competitor that Red Pocket Mobile has is Net10 Wireless. Compared to Red Pocket Mobile, you have to pay even more to be able to get high-speed data and an upgrade on your data cap with Net10 Wireless, which can start to feel like  an individual cell phone plan through an MVNO. 

Red Pocket Mobile vs. Straight Talk Wireless

Straight Talk Wireless is another MVNO that is Red Pocket Mobile’s competitor, but has a lot of flaws customers need to be aware of. Some of the cons of a Straight Talk Wireless plan compared to Red Pocket Mobile can be slow data, poor customer service, no offers on entertainment perks, and there are no multi-plan discounts. 

Red Pocket Mobile Customer Service

It’s important that customer service is easily available at all times no matter who you have a cell phone plan through. For Red Pocket Mobile, they are super easy to get ahold of since they are available 24/7 no matter when you have an issue.

You can easily get ahold of Red Pocket Mobile’s customer service by simply calling their hotline at +1 712-775-8777, or you can even text them at 305-842-3314. You also have the option to email them with any issues you may have at [email protected] or even check out their live 24/7 chat too. 

What Customers Have to Say About Red Pocket Mobile

“Been a Red Pocket customer for a while due to the great prices. They also have a really good new iphone deal every year that I went with this time. Had a little glitch with the e-sim setup but was able to get it working thanks to help from RP CS KIM on the support chat. Happy to be sticking with Red Pocket for like 15% of what I was paying on AT&T.” - John N. (via Trustpilot)

“I have some complicated issues regarding payment and the CS Reps took the time to resolve it. Today CS Jan helped me for a long time to solve some difficult problems and yesterday CS Lianne helped me for a rebate issue . There were more but that's the most recent one I remember. Thank you and your team for all your help!” - Jay. (via Trustpilot)

“When I tried to make a voice call, I would get an error message that I needed to make a payment on my account. That didn't make sense to me because my account is on auto-renewal (and has been for years). I was able to ask for help via customer chat and Jan immediately addressed my concern! Within a few minutes, Jan worked their magic and my plan was up and running! This is why we stay with Red Pocket!!” - Miranda S. (via Trustpilot)

Red Pocket Mobile FAQ

It’s essential to get all of your concerns answered before switching to a new cell phone carrier such as Red Pocket Mobile. There are a lot of questions that customers have to ask themselves before signing up with one of their plans, so here are some of the most common ones that we can answer now! 

Who Owns Red Pocket Mobile?

Red Pocket Mobile is owned by all three of the large cell phone carriers, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Customers have access to all three of their networks depending on what carrier they previously bought their cell phone from.

Does Red Pocket Mobile Offer Hotspots?

Yes, hotspots are available through any Red Pocket Mobile cell phone plan and anyone with Samsung,] or iPhones have access to them. All you need to do is go through your cell phone’s settings to turn it on and it’s ready to use.

Is Red Pocket Mobile Reliable?

Red Rocket Mobile is extremely reliable when it comes to their service and coverage and they strive to make their customers happy with low cost plans that they can easily afford. Having the perk to choose any network that works best for the customer is also a major bonus that lots of people appreciate. 

Red Pocket Mobile is a Unique Carrier Offering its Customers Flexibility

Finding a new cell phone carrier can be tough, especially when you want to save more money on your phone plan, and get reliable service and coverage. Red Pocket Mobile is an amazing cell phone carrier that offers its customers flexibility when it comes to choosing the network and plan that works best for them.

Sara Nuss
Sara Nuss is a journalist from Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in wireless, dewi, phone plan advice & blockchain.
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How much data do you get on the unlimited plan?

The plan is unlimited, but once you reach 20GB you may experience slower speeds depending on network usage.

How much hotspot data do you get on the unlimited plan?

You get 10GB of hotspot data per month, but can add more if you need to.

How do I add more data to my plan?

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