enhance your coverage & get better, faster data

$39/mo • data only • keep your carrier

*your device must be unlocked

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keep your carrier & number - kill those deadzones

add a 2nd (dual) SIM to your phone in 3 minutes. questions? text uschat with us 

faster speeds

instantly 2-10X your phone's speed by adding a 2nd SIM

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better coverage

no more dead zones. we cover 99% of the country

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unlimited hotspot

never get slowed down or capped while you're on the go

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VIP service

get your own personal concierge that you can text or call anytime with questions or just to say hi

$39/mo • keep your number & carrier • chat with us

*your device must be unlocked

the future of wireless

how does a 2nd SIM work?

Newer phones can use a 2nd (dual) SIM that works simultaneously with your 1st SIM, but most people don't take advantage of this because they don't know it exists.

You know it as well as we do - your phone service is spotty  and slow because your carrier's network is getting more congested and you're too far from their towers.

That's when the REALLY 2nd SIM kicks in - giving you super fast, reliable 5G data speeds when you need it most.

still have questions? 
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step 1: sign up for $39/month

no contracts or commitments. it won’t disrupt your existing service - only enhance it. device must be unlocked,

step 2: install your 2nd SIM

scan the QR code we provide and it will securely install the 2nd eSIM on your phone.

step 3: experience premium

it's as simple as that. once you install your 2nd sim, you'll get faster speeds and better coverage across the USA.

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your questions,

why would i need this service?

because you want better reception, faster data speeds and a better phone experience for things like streaming, facetime, zoom, social media, etc. Have questions? text us (888) 495-6120

does this service work everywhere?

yep, it works in 99% of the US and internationally. it's a "data-only" 2nd (dual) sim` on REALLY, which is powered by the nation's largest and fastest 5g network.

does it include voice and SMS?

No, that's what your first SIM is for with your existing carrier. The REALLY data-only SIM gives you the ability to have faster data speeds when your existing coverage is bad - for things like facetime video/audio, imessage, uploading to tik tok - the things you normally do on your phone.

is there a contract?

Nope, it’s pay as you go.

is this prepaid?

yes! you put your card on file and it will auto renew each month so you never experience any disruption in service. and you can cancel any time.

does my phone need to be unlocked?

Yes, but it’s super easy to unlock your device as long as it’s paid off. Chat with us and a real human can help you here.

do i need to get a new number?

no, you'll just get a 2nd SIM from us that is "data-only" which means you'll get faster data speeds for things like streaming, facetime, social media, and downloading - without interrupting your existing phone service.

can i use my existing number?

yes, you keep your existing number for calls, SMS and data, but when things get slow for you (with your existing carrier) because of network congestion or distance from a cell tower, the REALLY 2nd sim will kick in to give you faster speeds and better coverage.

do i need to cancel my existing phone service?

nope! keep your existing phone line / service - you'll just have a 2nd "data-only" line with us, running at the same time to boost your coverage and speeds.